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What is the MCI Group?

The MCI Group comprises several different businesses, each of which serves the global metals and mining sector. The Group includes:

  • Metals Consulting International Limited (MCI), which is our main management consulting business. MCI provides international clients with metal sector feasibility study and due diligence services. Further information on these activities may be found on the 'products' and 'services' pages above.

  •, our steel industry news and information portal. This offers site visitors the latest industry news, price and cost data, conference information, and more. Click here to see our steel industry portal pages.

  •, which provides expert witness litigation support to help resolve iron and steel sector disputes relating to matters such as cargo damage, product non-delivery, breach of contract, quantum valuation etc. Click here to learn more about our steel expert witness support service.

  •, which offers non-ferrous metals and mining litigation support (particularly help with metal ore-related legal matters). Our experience also covers aluminium, cobalt, copper, gold, lead, lithium, molybdenum, nickel, silver and zinc.

  • Saint Barbara, which is a UK-based consultancy firm that offers specialist advice to the world's metals, minerals and mining industries. The firm's consultants cover a broad and extensive range of commodities which include base and ferrous metals, steelmaking metals, battery metals, precious metals and rare earths. Click on Saint Barbara metals, minerals and mining experts to learn more.

The group structure is illustrated below.

Metals Consulting International Limited - consultancy and litigation support

When was the Consulting Group Formed?

Our parent company MCI was founded in 2003. Saint Barbara was founded in 1992. was launched in 2001, SteelExpertWitness was formed in 2017 and MetalExpertWitness was set up in 2020. Most of our metal experts have 20 or 25 years of technical, operational or consulting experience, or more.

What is your Metals Industry Expertise?

Our expertise lies in upstream matters (iron ore mining) as well as downstream (production of iron and steel including raw material preparation, melting, casting and rolling; and steel distribution). This steel sector experience includes carbon, alloy and specialty steels (e.g. stainless and engineering steel). We have expertise in non-ferrous metals (particularly aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold).

Where are you Based?

We are located near London, in the United Kingdom. Much of our consultancy work however is undertaken for clients in Europe (Western, Central and Eastern Europe), in the Americas, in the Middle East and in Africa.

Are you Independent?

MCI is a privately-owned business. The Group is completely independent from any industry players. Our company is not tied in any way to any banks, commodities traders, metal manufacturers, raw material or plant and equipment suppliers. Our independence means that we offer impartial advice that is free of ties or restrictions to all corporate clients.

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