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Across our Group, we offer a broad range of professional services

  • Business restructuring, especially relevant to metal sector firms that may be in administration, or about to embark on the path to privatisation. See our business turnaround page or call our steel experts for a no-obligation preliminary discussion.

  • Technical facility reviews, assessing plant and equipment installation issues and modernisation options (including assessments of capital investment plans and vendor offers).

  • Performance improvement support from professional steel experts with extensive operational experience. Such support can include a 1-2 day site visit by one of our technical experts, in order to identify critical performance issues and 'low hanging fruit' type opportunities for cost reduction / profit improvement. Recent MCI clients have shown especial interest in energy efficiency issues, and advice regarding improvements to their greenhouse gas emission levels (and carbon footprint).

  • Bankable feasibility studies for investment in greenfield or brownfield metal sector projects including iron, steel, aluminium, copper, and covering upstream investment (DRI, iron or steelmaking) and downstream modernisation (flat, long or tubular products). For further information see our feasibility study page.

  • We also offer concept studies - smaller versions of full feasibility studies - for clients wishing to undertake 'high-level' or preliminary appraisals. As with feasibility studies, these investigations typically address market, technical and financial matters; often identifying key issues or knowledge gaps that must be addressed prior to progressing to feasibility study stage.

  • Due diligence assessments for acquirers, banks, venture capital funds or other financiers. For typical project, see one of our due diligence case study pages.

  • Market entry studies, quantifyig opportunitiies for steel sector volume or value enhancement (icluding downstream expansion). Studies can be desk-based, or can include some field research.

  • Optimisation of routes to market, with emphasis on steel distribution issues (investment in stockholding opertions, service centres or other vertical integration options).

  • Metal company valuations based on financial assessments (sometimes underpinned by market and technical investigations) using discounted cash flow techniques that also identify project IRRs and payback times; and usually map out the critical determinants of project risk.

  • Expert witness support in metal sector litigation on a broad range of topics - for example with non-delivery issues, trading disputes, rust damage, other breach of contract - where we provide expert reports to help clients resolve third party disputes. To learn more, visit our steel expert or metal expert witness pages.

All products and professional services above are offered at a pre-agreed price that is communicated to the client in writing in advance. Please contact us for a no-obligation conversation and written proposal / draft letter of engagement.

For further enquiries about our services, please contact or call +44 (0) 775 149 0885.

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