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Across our Group, we offer the following products for sale

The following analyses and reports are available for purchase.

  • Commodity freight cost estimates, detailing the cost of transportation of products such as iron ore, coal, pig iron, steel etc from A to B. For further information see our commodity freight costs page.

  • Medium-term steel price forecasts covering a five-year time horizon. We offer econometric price forecasts for ferrous scrap, billet, bar, slab, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, coated products etc. For more information see our steel price forecasts page.

  • Steel plant operating cost models. We offer generic cost models for coke, sinter, DRI, liquid steel (induction furnace, EAF or BOF steelmaking), semi-finished product (ingot, billet, slab), and most finished steel products (including hot and cold rolled coil, coated steel, rebar, rod, and seamless and welded tube). For illustrative examples see our liquid steel cost model page.

  • Iron and steel sector capacity information covering world, regional, or local suppliers in any country and covering up- or down-stream facilities involved in the manufacture of flat, long or tubular products. This information is often used to prepare geographic industry location maps.

  • A short term steel market trends report (available via subscription only). This report discusses near-term supply, demand, pricing and raw material cost issues [covering iron ore, coal, scrap and ferroalloys]. An accompanying spreadsheet includes historical data and monthly forecasts for the next two years for key steel products, and historical data and annual forecasts to 2040 for prices of steel products and raw materials. The subscription costs $400/year, for 12 monthly reports which are sent out by email. For further information, see our online store.

  • Steel plant capex costs. The MCI database has over one thousand records of capital investments made globally in recent years. If you are interested in the capital investment cost of any particular item of steel making equipment (e.g. sinter plant, coke batteries, DRI or HBI, blast furnaces, BOF, EAF, induction furnaces, continuous casters, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanised sheet, tinplate, organic coated sheet, heavy sections, steel rail, steel bar, rod, wire, welded pipe, seamless tube; or related facilities such as pellet plants, coal washing plants, lime plants, PCI, pig iron desulphurization, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing, air separation units, power plants, slitting lines, pickling units, waste water treatment plant, acid regeneration plants etc - we can help. Visit our steel industry capital investment costs page.

All products above are offered at a fixed price. Transport cost assessments are offered at $60 per commodity movement. Five year pricing forecasts are charged at $250 per price projection. Cost models cost $200 per model and capex costs are priced at $20 per investment record.

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